Now, I understand it's your turn to have Dragon Legs and you're aiming towards a torso for fighting, so what I'd suggest people to RS gold take is to keep those as your main armour, but have a Guthan's set with you to make use of it's unique attack to heal.

Your main armour set will not be degradable and also offensively friendly (torso has a strength advantage, not unlike barrows). Also keep in mind that in addition to Dharok's and Verac's in certain situations and situations, all other Barrows set (including weapons) are ineffective.

So the top 3 options I'd suggest to you include: Versac's skirt/Dragon Legs along with Fighter torso and Abyssal Torag's Whip/Dragon Defender (you might also want to have Guthan's set that heals your body in addition to this). Torag's Legs and Plate along and Whip and Defender. It is very effective in defense, however in most cases it's very ineffective since you rarely suffer much damage anyways. This set includes Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The complete set can be utilized for specific activities, such as Kalphite queen , barrows and queens or PvP.

It's a team effort. You may be a good keyer, but without a strong team, it's useless. You can do like 5:5 larges with at least three or four good players in addition to yourself. This could be someone who has that has quit rage or is kind of leeching/not doing much.

I feel that having certain products is helpful too. For instance, The Shadow Silk Hooded. This is not only for you but for the entire team. Since even one person not in the loop can slow down the dungeon, especially if you're trying your best to recreate a lever room but the Skeletons keep on attacking their opponents. Non Hooded one.

It might be beneficial to work on your stats. Not just combat , but the abilities as well. Because it is a waste of time when a keyer walks into an entrance and discovers that you're required to trim the vines, but you're lacking the required level of skill, therefore you'll need to contact who can help you do this door. Sometimes they are unable to find knives. It also means they are not able to use it. For the combat aspect. This is mostly for strength/defence. Only Strength for the force bar door or certain other rooms that buy OSRS gold require the same skill. Later, you'll be able to defend, and equip better armor or tank more monsters.