Founded in 1853 Tissot is a brand that hardly needs introduction. A foundation Swiss watch maker that is now part of the Swatch Group, they’ve been able to maintain their presence in the modern watch market by focusing on quality and affordability. In fact, they have some of the most affordable high-end mechanical watches on the market. But it isn’t just their affordability that has made them a popular watch brand; they also excel at creating some of the most technologically advanced Swiss watches around.

With features like their COSC grade movements, chronographs, and 80-hour power reserves they are a leader in the mechanical movement space. But one of their most interesting innovations in recent years is what they call ‘Tactile Technology’. This allows functions such as compasses, weather indicators and alarms to be easily accessible without compromising the aesthetics of the watch.

While most people think of Tissot as a sports watch brand they actually have an extensive history in the field of precision engineering and fine appearance. Their first pocket watch with two time zones was released in 1878 and they’ve been an official timekeeper for a wide range of sporting events including tennis, fencing, cycling, motorsports, and downhill skiing.

Tissot’s reliability and fine appearance has made them a popular choice for both professional and leisure wearers alike. As such, it is important to keep your Tissot watch in good working order. This will ensure that it continues to keep accurate time for a long time and looks great on your wrist. While it’s possible to get your watch repaired at a local jeweler or repair shop, this is not recommended. This is because if your watch has a warranty that still remains intact you should only use an authorized Tissot store or service center to perform any work on it. If you take your watch to a non-authorized shop for battery replacement, for example, it will void the warranty.

Local Tissot watch repair shops offer services that can extend the life of your watch and keep it looking as good as new. These services include resizing, replacing the battery, and cleaning the dial. Typically, these services can be completed for no more than $10 to $15. You can even get your Tissot watch repaired for free at some local stores, especially if the warranty on it has expired.

The most common Tissot watch repairs are battery replacements and resizing the bands. A resizing service is usually fairly simple and only requires adding or removing links to fit your wrist. However, resizing can be more complicated if the watch has a plastic strap or if it has a metal bracelet with links that have been removed over the years. It is important to find a qualified watch repairer that has the right tools to perform this type of repair. Taking your watch to a non-certified watch repairer could damage the watch further, making it more expensive to repair in the future.Tissot watch battery replacement near me