For the vast majority of people who frequently wear wigs, the cap construction and whether or not the human curly hair wigs requires glue to be worn are the most important considerations to take into account. Its lace portion is located in the center of its wearer's head, and its machine-made left portion can be found on the right side. The back of the cap also has an adjustable band, which allows you to easily adjust the fit of the cap to your specific head circumference and comfort.

Evawigs. com offers two different lace colors to choose from: medium brown and transparent. Both colors will give you a natural hairline look and feel similar to your own hair, so you can find one that matches your skin tone.

The handmade lace area of a 5*5 lace closure is 5 by 5 inches, which is slightly smaller than the handmade lace area of the front portion of a 13*6 lace front (which is 6 by 6 inches). It is not necessary to worry about your parting being restricted to the middle with a 5*5 lace closure Wholesale 613 Frontal Lace Wig; however, you must be cautious when styling it in order to avoid exposing the edges.

It is 5 inches by 5 inches in size, and it covers your entire forehead, giving you a natural and beautiful hairline. We offer wigs with pre-plucked and clean bleached hairlines, as well as wigs with pre-plucked and clean bleached hairlines that are not pre-plucked and clean bleached.



What Is the Price of Admission?

It will be more affordable and suitable for those who are on a tighter financial budget due to the smaller lace area of the 5x5 closure wig. Even on a tight budget, it is possible to achieve a nice hairstyle.

What is the function of a 5*5 Lace Closure Wig if there is no glue present?

It is impossible to predict whether or not wearing a 13x5 Lace Front Wigs Vendor with glue will have any negative consequences for the skin or hairline, even if the wigs are completely harmless to the skin. Following are some detailed instructions on how to apply a 5*5 lace closure wig to our head without the use of glue.

Step 1: Trim away any excess lace if it is necessary to do so.

To avoid cutting the hairline, cut the lace as close as possible to it with scissors without actually cutting the hairline.

grips should be used to keep the wig cap in place. wig cap

For those with lengthy or voluminous hair, it is recommended that you wear a wig cap and push the sides of the cap behind your ears first, as shown. Using Velcro in the back, secure the  grip around your hairline to keep it in place while you are wearing it.

Step three: Adjust the wigs so that it is comfortable on your head before continuing.

Put your cheap wigs on, making sure that it completely covers the wig grips on your wig clips. Using combs inside the wig that are attached to the front and one pony pin behind each ear, you can keep your wig's grip from being seen. Based on the size and style of the head that is being used, the number of pins that are required may vary.