Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion ignites the online world with new content, including new playable races, new main story missions, and the Reaper and Sage jobs. Players earn FF14 Gil by challenging missions. The additions include new skills, tweaks, and rework of jobs already established in previous expansions, making the journey to the level cap even more interesting for returning players.

A return to the game's pre-game expansion, Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker relies more on offense than defense, using an array of intertwined abilities to damage their foes. With the launch of Endwalker, Gunbreaker has gone through a number of major changes, including updates and additions to their already plethora of skills. However, if players want to play Gunbreaker more smoothly, the best way is to buy FFXIV Gil at IGGM.

Gunbreaker's main loop relies on executing a combination of Keen Edge, Brutal Shell, and Solid Barrel (for single-objective), or Demon Slice and Demon Slaughter (for multiple-objective) to generate Cartridges (up to two). There are many other skills outside of Gunbreaker's core loop. Blasting Zone and Bow Shock are two additional destructive abilities that can help complement Gunbreaker's damage and potential threats. Blasting Zone is a single-target high-efficiency ability, while Bow and Arrow is a multi-target ability that applies damage-over-time effects to any enemy it hits.

Gunbreaker also has a number of defensive abilities, including Heart of Stone, which reduces damage taken by the target by 15%. Camoflague is another great defensive skill that reduces damage taken by a further 10% and increases the Gunbreaker's parry rate by 50%, making it ideal for focused attacks on large groups of enemies. The skill Aurora provides the Gunbreaker with health regeneration for the next few seconds, which is useful in situations where the Gunbreaker needs an extra health boost to Buy FFXIV Gil.