Elevate your driving experience with Tata's top 2 high-performance chassis, designed to conquer the roads and deliver unrivaled speed and control.

Indulge in the mind-boggling world of speed and unparalleled performance with the top-notch chassis options by Tata, specially engineered to conquer the most perplexing terrains and astound even the most audacious drivers. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience like no other as we unveil these cutting-edge, performance-focused marvels by Tata Motors, tailored to cater to the distinctive demands of various markets.

Presenting the awe-inspiring Tata Inter City Chassis, a true testament to power and reliability. Beneath its sturdy exterior lies a formidable 5600 CC engine, generating a mind-bending 217 HP and an astonishing maximum torque of 850 Nm.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary performance that will leave you breathless. With a robust 16200 kg GVW, this chassis effortlessly accommodates hefty payloads, enabling you to transport more without breaking a sweat. The 6200 mm wheelbase further enhances stability, providing you with a comfortable and controlled driving experience. Take hold of complete gear control and unlock the true potential of stability with the 6-speed manual gearbox. Fueling your ambitions is a generous 350 L diesel tank, granting you the freedom to embark on extended journeys without any worries. With prices ranging from Rs 26.52 to 32.27 Lakh, this city chassis offers unparalleled value for money.

Prepare to be enchanted by the remarkable Tata Starbus City Chassis, a masterpiece in its own right. Boasting a dynamic 5700cc CNG engine, this chassis unleashes a maximum torque of 405 Nm, elevating your driving experience to unprecedented heights.

With an impressive power output of 127 HP, brace yourself for phenomenal acceleration and performance like never before. Supporting high loads with ease, thanks to its GVW of 16200 kg, this chassis is ready to take on any challenge. 

Experience a ride like no other with the class-leading 5845 mm wheelbase, providing a solid and serene journey, especially at exhilarating speeds. Fueling your wanderlust is a capacious 801 L tank, ensuring you can complete a round trip between cities without any refueling woes. Starting at around Rs 29.45 lakh, this chassis stands tall as the undisputed champion of its class.

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