How do I enable Coinbase sign in authenticator?

Cryptocurrency is all the buzz nowadays and people are going crazy about this new form of financial technology. When you carry out all the research about crypto trading, you get to know that you cannot go without creating an account on one of the crypto exchanges. If for this purpose, you have created an account on the Coinbase exchange, then you need to be aware of a few things well in advance, especially before you make your first crypto purchase.

As we know that our Coinbase app account can be vulnerable to attacks, hence we need to make sure that we take additional security measures alongside creating strong Coinbase sign in credentials. This shall help us in keeping potential hackers away from stealing our personal details or details related to the trade that we make through our account.

What can be done to improve account security?

Whether it is a Coinbase account or any other account that you might have created on another exchange or any online platform, it is our responsibility to ensure its security. The same should be done to a Coinbase account wherein you might have already created a strong Coinbase sign in password. Keeping that fact aside, let us come to the point.

What should be done to improve account security? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple- you can easily enable 2FA or any additional authentication measures to sidestep any unauthorized Coinbase sign in attempts.

So, in today's blog post, you will get to know the process to enable additional security features to get into your Coinbase account.

Enabling Duo or Google authenticator for Coinbase sign in 

Once you enable this feature, you need to complete an extra step for verifying your identity even after entering the correct password for signing in. If you do not know the process to enable this feature, here is what you need to do:

  1. The first step that you need to take in this scenario is to sign into your Coinbase account
  2. Now, you need to make your way to the "Security Settings" page
  3. Navigate to the "Options" section
  4. And, pick the "Select" option present next to the "Authenticator App" box
  5. Now, you just need to follow a few prompts to complete the authentication

As soon as you complete applying these steps, you should try to sign into your account after logging out of it. This shall help you understand whether or not the process was successful. If you are asked for the authentication code after entering the Coinbase sign in credentials, then you'll get to know that the process went successful and now your account is more secure than ever.


Since hacking incidents in every field are on the rise, you need to beware of such phishing scams. To make sure that your account is not vulnerable to hacks, keep its security intact. Also, ensure that you never share your Coinbase sign in credentials with anyone.

Apart from enabling the OTP feature, you also need to make sure that you never give your device access to anyone as they may hamper the details available on your device. In addition to that, they may also gain access to your Coinbase account and take action through it.