As for the majority of us it is the value of our home is the single largest financial asset, wouldn't it make sense, to prospective home buyers to begin this process, in a more - prepared educated way, instead of resorting to permitting their emotions, to determine, most of their process/ path - forward? In the last fifteen years as a real Estate Licensed Salesperson in blue world city Islamabad, throughout the State of New York, I have been able to believethat there are at minimum, six aspects that must be carefully - studied and considered prior to making any decisions. With this in mind, this piece will attempt to briefly, look at, study, review, and discuss these and the reasons they are significant and really, are important.

1. Price Range/ AffordabilityCredit/Pricing:Before, starting this process, and, even, looking at/ viewing homes, or even one it is crucial to look objectively, and reflectively conduct a personal examination from the neck up and establish the price range that you are able to afford and whether you have enough credit to be able to get the right mortgage or financing. to pay your monthly installments and feel comfortable, with this responsibility every month. Be aware that this is in addition to, the down payment as well as closing costs, needed, up - front!

2. Family/personal needs; present priorities and perceptions:What are your current personal and family needs, and why? What options do you have, and which one is right for you personally? What do you require and, are you, prepared, willing and able to discern between, your wants, and wish-list etc?

3. Future scenarios and conditions:Are you considering, or planning to purchase a house, for a long - period, or, merely, a shorter - term or, as it is known, a starting home? What do you think regarding your needs in the future and the resulting circumstances and can you, be prepared, accordingly?

4. Specific zone:What attracts you, to a specific area and what is the reason? What will serve your needs and benefits you, personally, both in the short, as well as the longer run? Are you looking for convenience, security schooling, the neighborhood, the beauty of the area or what? What is it worth, to you?

5. Schools/ education:In general, quality school systems, appeal, to potential buyers andthus keep prices up and growing, since it adds to the attraction of the region in question and more! However, with that generally, is a higher tax rate (because of school taxes etc) So, how might you balance all this to serve your greatest advantage?

6. Security/crime:There is little doubt that the perception of security of a location is a key factorin house prices and values! If both perceptions, and reality, show, lower - than average, rates of crime, prices of housesusually have a benefit and are higher than other locations!

Be as smart, an aspiring homebuyer as you possibly can, and move forward, asking, all the questions, which are important to you, prior to making any purchases! Do you have the ability to assist yourself when it comes to this?