Desert safari dubai can be described as an independently-owned city which has transformed itself into a contemporary haven in the middle of the desert. It was created as envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum It is constantly evolving, sprawling oasis in which you can take wooden boat taxis; bask in the sights and smells of Souks; take some time out from the heat at Ski Dubai; or simply admire the stunning and tallest structure or the largest retail mall on earth. True enough, Dubai is among the most visited cities around the world with almost 10 million visitors a year, and growing.

Top Treats to Indulge while in Dubai

Be it for business or for leisure, Dubai has a lot to provide. White sandy beaches shopping, luxurious hotels and a wide range of restaurants all of this and much more are available in the city for you to experience. Here's a look at the ways you can live the luxurious lifestyle while booking a vacation or a business trip in this region of UAE:

Make a trip down to the beach while you are in the desert.

When you think about the possibility that Dubai is located in an area of desert beaches might not be top of your list of destinations. But consider this: beautiful white beaches, year-round sunshine, and sparkling blue waters - everything is here in this amazing city! This city welcomes everyone who visits because there are beaches open to the public like Jumeirah Beach that is about a kilometre long stretch of white sand ideal for playing beach volleyball or simply relaxing in the water with a view of the majestic Burj Al Arab. If you're a sun enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys getting a sun beach tan, then Dubai's stunning beaches is definitely your paradise on Earth.

Let your adventurous side shine for that Desert Safari experience

If you've always wanted to take a new vacation, this safari is the ideal one for you. Safari in the morning, late at night, or are you looking to sample the authentic Arab meal in the desert? Your option! Shout for joy or for adrenaline when you go for your Dune Bashing with professional 4x4 drivers of course. It is possible to stop at the stop to admire the sparkling sunset, enjoy the camel ride and be charmed by the belly dancing troupes under the starlight. It's the Dubai experience you definitely wouldn't be able to miss.

Bask in luxury at Dubai Hotels

You're traveling by yourself or with a loved one or with family friends? Dubai hotels can fit in your requirements for accommodations. from the most sophisticated hotels to the cheapest options the city has everything for you. Explore the world's most exclusive seven-star property, Burj Al Arab which is just one block from the beachfront of the magnificent Jumeirah Beach. This 7-star hotel doesn't just cater to guests staying there but is also open to anyone who wants to indulge themselves with delicious food at very affordable prices. You can book excursions, enjoy an afternoon tea, cocktails , or an elegant dinner in this scenic place.

Treat yourself to a pampering experience and take a an excursion to the shops

There's the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall the world's largest mall, a single day isn't enough to visit each boutique and enjoy huge discounts during the Dubai Shopping Festival happening every year. Alongside malls, you can also go shopping at traditional market in Dubai, known as The gold souk. The market in which you can shop is where Dubai proves itself as"the "City of Gold". And what better way there to pay homage to this tag than by wearing your gold with pride? Foreigners and locals alike like to showcase their gold jewellery pieces and display their splendor by wearing them at celebrations.

Expect endless possibilities of enjoyment and excitement when you travel to Dubai. Whichever of these treats you decide to enjoy, your trip to Dubai is sure to be one you will remember forever.