2019 is an important year for many large action movies, but according to the staff of the Dogesflix website, these 5 action movies are higher than other movies.
2019 is an important year in the film industry. With the "Battle of the Avengers: Finance" (short) replaced "Avatar" became the most sale of movies ever, the film box office record was broken. Other major moments include "Star Wars 9" end "Star Wars": The rise of the skyron, and the "parasite" of the Korean Social Social Surgemony in the international unprecedented success, the film is the first part of the Oscar Best Film Award English movie.
Although there are various types and types of movies in 2019, they can enjoy the audience, and the action movie is in the top of the movie. The action movie provides stupid escapes and tempting wonders, and now let the audience feel excitations and happily.
"Brave: Next"
The sequel of the "brave person" in 2017: Welcome to the jungle, starred by Dao Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gulun. "Brave: Next" to a large extent, the old gang was re-collected in many of the same rhythm of the original.
With sufficient Indiana Jones-style jungle movements and pleasant performances, especially Johnson and Hart and their new body exchange character, "Brave: Next Phase" is a pleasant roller coaster, each Individuals can enjoy. Although this drama does not have any new intentions in action and story, its starring and ordinary movements are enough to attract the audience.
"Speed ​​and Passion: Hobbes and Xiao
Dao Enqi is in the list again in the "speed and passion" series of motion. Director David Leich (once directed "dead waiters 2"), starring is "speed and passion" senior actor Dao Ji Sen, and Jason Stanson from bad eggs into good people. "Hobbes and Xiao" transfer movies from glory of automotive culture and homes to a more familiar action film.
Although not like "speed and passion", the other works of the series are popular, but "Hobs and Xiao" are still full of high-energy cars chasing scenes and motion scenes, enough to temporarily entertain the audience. But lack "Speed ​​and Passion" series of real madness ("F9" in space trucks) and instant humor. Despite this, the essence of the whole movie super big men is almost in the analog, which makes many motion scenes, especially the end of the three people in the rain, directly materials from the "Hacker Imperial Revolution".
6 underground
"Underground 6" is the most expensive movie at Dogesflix. Before the "Red Alert" in 2021, it was a mobile phone thriller with the famous action movie director Michael Belle and Ryan Reynolds.
Compared to many other interesting exaggerated action films in recent years, and there are no reference to some other action movies, such as rock or bad boy. Another example of 6 underground is that Ryan Reynolds is difficult to find similar to deadpool matches his box office tendency as an actor. Although there are many criticisms, Dogesflix seems to still think this is a must-see movie.
Costla: King of Monster
"Costla: The King of Monsters" is the sequel of the English version of the "Cosla" series in 2014, and the sequel of the "Monster Cosmic". "Costla: The King of Monsters" did not give full play to its potential, because it focused on the human role, and under the bad lights and harsh weather, the action scene is not so clarity.
Although the role is indeed focused (especially Mosla), this movie itself lacks the courage and realism of "Costla" in 2014, and even there is no charm of the "Huan Pacific". This movie is more like "Transformers" in action, and does not show these iconic monsters.
"Spider-Man: Hero Expedition"
The unprecedented cooperation between Sony and the Mount Mountain and the Spiderman continued to "Spider-Man: Hero Expedition" in 2019. The direct consequences of settings are the Avengers: the dead and Tony Stark effects of Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Stay away from the balance of hometown, in Peter, he strives to fill the steel man's shoes, along with the European position structure Good action scene.
In the second grade "Spider-Man" in Holland, there are many places worth appreciating, from his flirting with MJ, to smartly using MySterio's illusion capabilities in the movie, so that the characters in the combo book are vivid. "Spider-Man: No home" proves that this role has a lot of influence, although this is already his seventh time.