A fresh Genshin Impact leak has bestowed upon us further enlightenment regarding one of the most eagerly anticipated characters, the illustrious Hydro Archon. This forthcoming addition is poised to grace the stage in the upcoming major update, rumored to be named Fontaine. It has been an established pattern for each region introduced in the game to feature an Archon, a venerated figure who assumes the role of the nation's primary safeguard.

Following in the footsteps of Venti, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, and Nahida, Genshin Impact is primed to unveil a new Archon, a figure veiled in an air of intrigue. Regrettably, information regarding this enigmatic persona remains scant, with only whispers of her being revered as the God of Justice. Though the Archon is anticipated to make her grand debut in version 4.0, the prospect of her immediate inclusion in the roster of playable characters appears unlikely.

As eager Travelers anxiously await further revelations about this singular persona, intrepid Genshin Impact leakers have been steadily unveiling tantalizing glimpses of the impending content. While the Hydro Archon was previously known by the moniker Focalors, a reputable leaker by the name of merlin_impact has unveiled the possibility of her true appellation being Furina. Some enthusiasts speculate that she might employ both names, a not uncommon practice among the game's esteemed Archons. For instance, the Geo Archon Zhongli is also recognized as Morax and Rex Lapis, while the recently introduced Archon, Nahida, assumes the aliases Lesser Lord Kusanali and God of Wisdom.

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As per prior leaks, it is believed that Furina possesses a resolute demeanor, suggesting that the Archon Quest may center around the pursuit of justice. Rumors have also emerged, alluding to her exhibiting "tsundere" tendencies, a term borrowed from Japanese lore denoting characters who gradually reveal a softer side beneath their initially acerbic facades.

Regarding her prowess in the field, it is anticipated that Furina will wield a sword, thus becoming the first Archon to master this elegant weapon. Currently, only three characters embody this weapon and elemental combination: Nilou, Ayato, and Xingqiu. Reports indicate that Furina's Elemental Burst will bestow upon her the power to manipulate gravity, sparking fervent speculation among devotees who believe that she may grant unique movement abilities to select members of her party.

Such an ability would enable formidable DPS characters like Xiao to unleash an unbroken torrent of Plunging Attacks. In keeping with the tradition of the four preceding Archons, Furina is expected to fulfill a supportive role, making her a versatile addition to various team compositions within the expansive world of Genshin Impact.

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