The general sales staff said that the automatic precision screen printing machine, but many people do not know where the automatic precision screen printing machine, why it can achieve high precision? Next, follow Licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory to learn more about it.

Where is the precision of the automatic precision screen printing machine? Let me give an example, such as the automatic screen printing machine of Zhongyang rotary table, the reason for achieving precision printing is the servo motor, and of course the pager is inseparable from the engineer's debugging. Why do you think these two parts can be used for precision printing?

Ordinary screen printing machines generally use a stepper motor to control the printing stroke, and some even use pneumatics. Due to improved opportunities for the motor to lose steps, and the air pressure is affected by temperature, precision printing cannot be achieved. The servo motor does not lose steps, so the servo motor is more reliable, so it is possible to achieve precision printing.

Splitter is a precision mechanism device that converts continuous work into intermittent motion, also known as precision intermittent cam distributor. It has obvious advantages such as high stepping positioning accuracy, stable running speed, large transmission torque, and self-locking during positioning. Generally, for every 360° rotation of the input shaft, the output shaft completes a split motion (static and transposition) at the same time. During the block motion, the ratio of the output shaft's operation to rest is determined by the driving angle of the cam. The so-called cam drive angle refers to the angle at which the input cam drives the output shaft to rotate by indexing. The greater the angle, the more stable the operation of the mechanism. When the input shaft passes the drive angle, the output shaft starts to stand still. The angle at which the input shaft rotates when the output shaft is at rest is called the static angle, and the sum of the angle and the drive angle is 360°.

As can be seen from the above, the servo motor and distributor make the execution of instructions more reliable, thereby achieving higher accuracy.