Although not 2020 is so terrible, there are many mysteries that have a daunting: Even if there is a vaccine, can we leave home? Do we reach glory? Future variants will prove risk What is bigger or smaller? Although these have not brought the same impact as the 2020 new crown pneumonia is shocked, fear has become a strange tired, let us find an answer. Many of this year's best horror movies also seized unknown, whether facing human and earth, religion, or even what you might not know about family members you imagine. "Variety" magazine selected 5 best horror movies in 2021, all of which can be viewed at home and better avoid COVID anxiety.
Here is the best horror movie last year.
Quiet place (2)
At the beginning of the best work of the largest horror movies expected, the recorded sudden arrival, the foreigners of the small town and their direct destruction, and the introduced aliens used pastoral island to avoid attacks. In the middle of the film, Emily Bronte and Hilian Murphi reproduce the horror faces and mysterious motives in the first movie, but they see the world towards the new direction, giving the sequel and derivative drama Brought the biggest hope.
Someone in your house
This movie is a fine horror film, thanks to Netflix October Golden Times, Shawn Levy and James Wan bring high levels for this retro movie. Produce, reminded the best episode after "Scream) at the end of the 1990s. The main line is very simple - there is a killer with a 3D print mask to kill a group of high school students! - And this movie has become better: a streamlined,, 90 minutes of murder machine, put the teens Children arranged in traditional scenes from beer party to corn field. Although the ending of "House Doctor" has arranged a calendar with a beard, it makes things simply as possible.
Under the influence of negative comments, the "evil" will increase the story of a relatively conventional attipacity and the demonstration in the influence of the decline in April. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Katie Aselton), William Sadler and Care Elwes were adapted for this Since James Herbert, "Shine" has brought an evil energy. In this movie, a small town is shocked by a series of miracles that may come from evil rather than sacred. . Although Netflix's Mini's Mike Flanagan has a similar concept, the best horror story this year will be combined with any form, but there is enough interest. Trail collection and small towns political activities make "evil" a reliable journey.
This release of 2003 franchise rights appeared in a dirty and brutal rotation of modern "deliverance" from VOD hell. Everything starts very simple - twenties young people enter the forest, in a place they don't need, the tragedy takes place - but when they encounter a forest cult trainee called the "Foundation", their status Further increase. Bloody and fascinating scenes, trusted major actor lineups and charming B plots, Matthew Mottin, a desperate father tried to find his daughter, "The wrong direction" is independent, not a often ignored The seventh of the fadel.
"Fear Street" three songs
Netflix's interesting summer file showed three consecutive weeks of movies - "1994", "1978" and "1666", let R · L. Stan's youth novels live, while crossing horror fans Our favorite era. The director Leigh Janiak has made things very quickly. The young people in the 1990s investigated murder in the town, revealing a secret, hybrid blood and reincarnation of the 17th century, and the secret of the 17th century. . Although two key actors in "Surprising True" - Vibrant Actors Sinock and Stunt Actors Maya Hawke - But there is a lot of bloody and tragedy in these movies, sometimes in order to properly Mourning the dead teenagers will make the horror of the fun.