The story trailer for the next Star Wars The Old Republic expansion, Legacy of the Sith, gives fans a glimpse into the latest sinister plan. SWTOR's new Legacy of the Sith expansion pack was announced in July 2021, and the massive update will roll out on February 15th. For better performance after the expansion is released, players can buy SWTOR Credits at

Hundreds of years after these games took place, SWTOR saw the Galactic Republic form a tense truce with the rising Legacy of the Sith. The conflict between the two groups forms the basis of the player experience, and each playable class also develops through its own unique storyline. Over the past decade, the game's plot has continued to grow through expansions and updates, and December 2021's celebration of Star Wars The Old Republic's tenth anniversary brings the Legacy of the Sith expansion.

Legacy of the Sith's new story trailer has been posted to the official Star Wars The Old Republic YouTube channel, detailing the upcoming expansion. Such as the Elom planet and the R-4 installation. While Malgus' true intentions are unclear, it looks like Star Wars The Old Republic will end with SWTOR players facing off against a traitor warlord once again. Players will be rewarded with some SWTOR Credits while completing missions.

Playing a crucial role in the MMORPG's backstory, players are able to Buy SWTOR Credits and ultimately defeat the Sith Lord in a single mission, although later expansions show him surviving the battle. In Legacy of the Sith, he appears to have become the main villain of SWTOR as he attempts to destroy the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, although his fate at the end of the expansion remains unknown.