The cameras have been discarded. Motion capture has been abandoned. The Xsens suit is the only one left. "One of the problems had been the issue of FIFA 22 Coins drift. We'd be able to tell which joints of the players were in relation to one another but not in relation to a particular point in an area," Eaves explains. In terms of virtuality, it meant that players would be ten metres away from their initial location. EA's game changer has been an LPS system that is local to the player. Rather than GPS satellites, LPS beacons were placed around the arena, with motion sensors attached to chests of players.

It also meant that top-quality data could finally be recorded in a match. "We chose these two teams from Spain's third division because they've had a long-standing competition," Eaves says. "They're professional, well-coached sides with amazing technique. They are both playing possession-based football with control and finesse . They're perfect for video games as we want it to be fast and exciting."

EA's guidance was limited to informing the players and coaching crew that it was a "must-win match." But the game didn't require an additional edge. "Just exactly like a real match, the players switched on and off. We could be able to capture tired defenders and young forwards as the game commenced," recalls Eaves. "You could feel the animosity. There were so many fouls in the first five minutes that it was exactly what the team wanted."

Off-the-ball movements like shouting, pointingand posturing are priceless to EA in creating the action and intensity of a live game. "If a stuntman slide tackles the player in a motion capture space they pop back up, but it does not match the intensity of an actual fight," explains Eaves. "In this sport the physicality is real. The player gets up , and is angry. We absorb all of that energy and apply it to our game."

It was only through capturing 22 people over the span of 90 mins that EA could produce enough animated, 8.75 million frames, to cheap FUT 22 Coins power its new 'HyperMotion' technology. Machine learning is then activated.