You will be hunting Ruby Harvest butterflies by using the butterfly nets and jars for butterflies. To locate them, take a few runescape gold steps south-east where there is a paw icon at the bottom of the map. Every when you capture a butterfly you put them in a Jar. Then, click on the open jar to release the butterfly. Take with the bird snares you have to continue catching Copper Longtails and inventory full of jars as sometimes they break.

This method doesn't require a knot wand. Get yourself an axe and an axe and go to the feldip hunter's zone (if you have fairy rings unlocked it is code AKS). The axe will be cutting down trees and making deadfall traps by using logs. These traps can be put in particular locations close to boulders. Similar to the earlier method include a few bird snares because you'll be able catch Crimson Swifts, which are flying about the vicinity.

It's a similar process to the last one but it is possible to increase the exp rates if you have 32 Fletching. A chisel will be needed to Fletch Kebbit spikes to Kebbit bolts. This will not only improve the amount of exp you earn since it's quicker than dropping spikes. However, it might net decent profit. It is also possible to bring with you a butterfly net , butterflies jars, as well as some bird snares.

For the first time, you'll need to withdraw at minimum the amount of 1000 dollars in gold. You can deposit any weapon, gloves and other accessories you are able to put in your hands slot since you will need to have hands free. Visit the Matthias outside Falconer's zone to rent from him Gyr Falcon for 500 gold.

In this area you will also be able to collect spotty fur that can be used to create spotted capes. Bring along your bonecrusher is, as it will immediately bury bones, decreasing the time spent picking up objects.

Although to catch this type of Salamander requires only 59 hunter it is advised to begin the process from 60. In this phase, you'll be able to set four traps at a time rapidly increasing your rewards.

To reach this location , use Lunar Spellbook spell Ourania Teleport (71 Magic) or Castle Wars teleport. Once you are near Castle Wars head north until you see a lava-filled location. You can hunt for Red Salamanders there by putting traps. Bring 4 ropes and 4 fishing nets to place in traps and begin looking for them.

On levels as high as 80, you'll need to earn some money while you train your Hunter. The most effective option to start with is to use Red Chins. They're extremely lucrative since the majority of osrs firecape players use them to speed up the process of training the skill ranged.