Following the release of the new update for Path of Exile, the developers have released the patch notes for the first time. Currently, it can still be found in the Path of Exile forum. There, players can learn more about everything they need to know about balance tweaks, Siege of Atlas features, and revised endgames. They can buy POE Items to prepare for this. Here are some contents of update 3.17.0.

But there are also some small comfort changes here. The Duelist finally sets the dialogue line to music in Acts 6-10, after recently expanding the Templars in this view. So it may only be a matter of time before all classes get the missing voiceover in Acts 6-10. Starting with patch 3.17.0, Lily Roth will appear in players’ safehouses, where she will continue to sell gems, but will also sell divination cards in the future. Of course, players can also Buy POE Currency to get the items they want.

The highlight of the gameplay is also the ability to change the display of reserved mana/life so that the remaining available resources are shown as 100% to provide a better overview. If a glowing Delve enemy dies, their light disappears when they die. This will allow players to clearly see the survival of the enemy during the battle. If players want to survive the battle, they need the help of enough POE Currency.

Action RPG Path of Exile is getting new content in the upcoming update 3.17.0 as well as Challenge League Archnemesis. Players can find out exactly what’s in this important patch during Grinding Gear Games’ big livestream the other day. The developers will showcase Siege of Atlas features and reveal Challenge Leagues. And with its release less than a week away, players can buy Path of Exile Currency at POECurrency, where it’s cheap and safe. Go!