Swaraj 843 XM OSM

The Swaraj 843 XM OSM is a powerful tractor in the 45 HP category. It comes from the house of Swaraj, a trusted farming brand. However, this Swaraj XM tractor gives essential power to every farming activity. This Swaraj tractor has a powerful 45 HP engine for making farming easier. Also, it is engineered according to the budget of Indian farmers to consume less fuel. The price of this tractor is Rs. 6.10 to 6.40 lakh in India. 


Sonalika Tiger Electric

Sonalika is a well-known tractor brand for excellent farming tractors. It has a popular tractor named Sonalika Tiger Electric in the electric tractor segment. It is a mini tractor with an 11 HP engine. Moreover, this electric tractor has a 500 kg hydraulic lifting capacity for essential farming tasks. Apart from all these features, the price of this tractor is reasonable. It is listed for Rs.  6.41 - 6.72 lakh in India.


Solis 4215 E 

Solis delivers the best-in-class tractors for every farming field. However, the Solis 4215 E is a popular model from this brand. This Solis E series tractor has a high-performing 43 HP engine with 55 litres fuel tank capacity. As a result, farmers can perform every farming activity with ease. This tractor is a companion of farmers for large-scale crop production. This Tractor is available In a reasonable price in India. The Solis 4215 E price is Rs. 6.60 to 7.10 lakh in India. 

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