Case in point: folks say kril is easy. I'm fighting to stay over 20 minutes? Why? What's the difference? It seems just like a lot of OSRS gold guides have been aimed at RuneScape players with heaps of money/gear. I am just starting out and lots of the guides are clearly unusable for me. Perhaps a series that focusses on bosses for lesser level RuneScape players helps? I recall some people saying I should be able to kill krill before his prayer draining attack? How??? What abilities, what sequence, is the hub used by me? Adrenaline crystals? Other products? A lot of manuals assume this is some type of common understanding for pvmers, well guess since I do not have that history so go more into the 37, what, I'm watching your manuals? People can bypass it, but I have no clue how to do the fundamentals. Even a link to a fundamentals of pvm guide would suffice for me.

This is not only something you do, tons of YouTubers also concentrate too much on maxed RuneScape players. For example mentioned the pvm hub. It feels I am better than watching a YouTube guide off requesting my clanmates. This might also be because runescape updates and videos eventually become obsolete. That's not your fault, but it turns me off from rs guides on YouTube. Sorry for the huge wall of text along with the nature. I hope you are able to take something away from this.

27m here, I was ADDICTED to Runescape about 15 decades back. I believe hundreds if not thousands of hours've sank into RuneScape. I am just wondering: are there currently two versions of Runescape? New & older? Are still being upgraded? There's OSRS and RS3. OSRS is an updated version of RuneScape (starting with all the 2007-version) that doesn't incorporate the new combat system and graphics that came out using all the Evolution of Combat. It is nearer to the memories you have of Runescape. RS3 is the sport that's been continuously updated. Combat is dynamic and graphics are quality. In comparison to OSRS, RS3 combat is similar to World of Warcraft in that you have a series of abilities that you use as you fight.

There are several other differences but both games have their that RuneScape players generally prefer over the other. Both matches still receive new updates and content, but the mechanisms of both are extremely different. Both are being updated, Runescape (occasionally called"Runescape 3") is the evolution/direct descendent of Runescape Classic and Runescape two, and thus if you log in to your account you're likely to RuneScape 2007 gold locate your character there. It's significantly more content than OSRS, overhauled graphics, a more contemporary MMO-style battle system (though you can use the classic battle system if you want for a great deal of solo PVE/quest articles ), etc..