Looking to have a resume that stands out from the other candidates? Review the tips below in order to have a resume that meets the employer’s expectations and showcases your skills and experiences. 

Before even thinking about writing or editing your resume, ask yourself the following questions: 

What are your career goals?

What are your experiences?

By pondering on those questions, you will be able to determine which type of resume best suits your situation from the templates below. 

Resume Templates: 

Chronological Resume: 

  • Useful to highlight a specific experience that you deem relevant
  • Contains a section describing your experiences in reverse chronological order
  • You can add other experiences under a volunteer section or other experiences. 

Skill Based Resume: 

  • If you have little to no experience, this type of resume lets you elaborate on your skills
  • If you have gaps in your employment
  • Skill-based resume focuses on transferable skills such as organizational, communication, researching etc. 

Combined Resume: 

  • If you have developed skills in other areas than work experience (education, volunteering, extra-curricular activities)
  • You can list the skills you acquired from your work and extra-curricular experiences. 


If your resume is already written and you want to make sure it will meet the employer’s expectations, take a look at this resume checklist. 


  • You used a suitable, simple and readable font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman).
  • The font size is between 10 and 12 pts.
  • The resume is no longer than two pages (except for academic resume).
  • The second page has your contact information in the header.
  • The resume is short, simple and evocative. 


  • You’ve specified all the grades/degrees you've obtained, in which year and which institution.
  • All the special mentions received are specified.


  • All your previous and relevant experiences are mentioned.
  • Those are described with action-oriented verbs and keywords.
  • Each one is described by 3 to 5 hyphens, each one describing a task or group of tasks. 


  • You re-read your resume and asked someone else to proofread it for you in order to correct mistakes.
  • You checked your resume with a correction software.

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