Your first stop for Diablo stories, once you've Diablo IV Gold entered the Silent Monastery, you'll revisit the story of the Zakarum crusades across the lands of Ivgorod. It's up to you to defeat the soul-devouring demons that cowardly lurk behind the corners.

The newest dungeon that's been added to Diablo Immortal, Silent Monastery sets the mood for horror by plunged into dark that completely covers the peak of Mount Zavail to Sentinel's Watch in a dark, gloomy fog. The most violent demons dwell in the dark, waiting to devour the souls of innocents who invaded the lands. 

For access to Silent Monastery, you must be level 60+ and be part of a group of 4 or more players. Be aware that the dungeon is an interior dark and dark, making it difficult for you to see what you're doing and what's happening; for navigating the dark, you must light your way by interfacing with temple statues.

It's no secret that the new player count has been decreasing since its release and, as a consequence it's become more burdensome to fill up Warbands to access all of the content. Many players have expressed frustration due to the pressure of filling up the Warbands slots to tackle the game's restrictive content. 

This update addresses some of these concerns, and so we've provided an overview of the revised systems. Warbands now come with Diablo 4 Gold for sale brand new exploration adventures. Two game modes that can be replayed and bonus rewards for passively upgrading and defending the castle.