The most recent version of MarkNtel Advisors' research report on the Smart Home market includes an examination of numerous aspects that contribute to the market's growth, analysis, size, share, outlook and expected to grow at CAGR of 23.8% by 2028.  It includes trends, limitations, and market drivers that have an impact on the market, either positively or negatively. The report provides scope for strategic planning and presents a complete assessment of constraints, restraints, and possibilities. The industry growth factors are crucial since they may be comprehended to create various tactics for seizing the lucrative prospects present in the constantly expanding industry. In order to better understand the market and make useful recommendations, the views of market experts have also been considered.

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How large is the Smart Home market?

Growth Rate: 23.8% CAGR

Year of Estimation Base: 2022

Historical Information: 2018-2021

Projection Period:2023-2028

Driving Factors for the Smart Home Market and an Analysis of Future Demand:

Key Driver: Rising Need for Energy Efficiency to Reduce Running Costs

With alarming levels of carbon emissions as a result of rising warming, energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of any country's development. As smart Home account for a considerable portion of the world's total energy consumption, the mounting consumer need for enhanced energy savings & minimized living costs is the prime aspect projected to drive the market during 2023-28. Additionally, the rising number of smart buildings owing to rapid urbanization, the increasing penetration of smartphones & the internet, growing adoption of intelligent technologies in Home, such as video doorbells, voice-assistants (Alexa and Google Home), & surveillance systems, among others, are also projected to fuel the market growth through 2028.

Note - You will find a thorough market analysis, growth analysis graphs, historical and forecast period analyses, key market segmentation, the top key players in the market, a table of contents, a list of figures, and a list of tables in this research reports.

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Discovering Potential: Unraveling Segments and Regional and Country projections in the Smart Home Market

The Smart Home Market can be divided into different Segments, along with different regions/country. The growth of each segment provides a precise estimation and sales forecast for the period from 2023 to 2028. This analysis is valuable for stakeholders aiming to expand their businesses by focusing on specific and qualified niche markets. The report includes market data at regional levels. Our team of research analysts comprehends the competitive advantages of each competitor and offers a separate competitive analysis for each.

What Exactly Does Smart Home Market Segmentation Include?

By Technology

-Cellular Network Technologies

-Protocols and Standards

-Wireless Communication Technologies

By Software & Service



By Product Type

-Entertainment Controls

--Audio, Volume and Multimedia Room Controls

--Home Theater System Control

--Touchscreen and Keypads

-Security & Access Control

--Video Surveillance




--Access Control

---Non-Biometric Access Control

---Biometric Access Control

-HVAC Control

--Smart Thermostats




--Control Valves

--Heating and Cooling Coils

--Pumps & Fans

-Smart Vents

-Smart Home Appliances

--Smart Washer

--Smart Dryers

--Smart Water Heaters

--Smart Vacuum Cleaners

-Smart Kitchen

--Smart Dishwashers

--Smart Refrigerators

--Smart Cookers

--Smart Ovens

--Smart Coffee Makers

--Smart Kettles

-Smart Lighting Control




--Daylight Sensors



-Smart Furniture

--Smart Tables

--Smart Stools and Benches

--Smart Sofas

--Smart Chairs

--Smart Desks

-Others (Smart Plugs, Smoke Detectors, Smart Meters)

Geographical Analysis Trends, Future and Forecast (2023-2028) of Smart Home Market

By Region

-North America

-South America


-Middle East & Africa


Who Are the Leading Key Players in the Smart Home Market

The report has also examined the competitive landscape of the market, highlighting key players -

-ABB Ltd.


-Johnson Controls

-United Technologies Corporation

-Emerson Electronics Co.


-Ingersoll-Rand PLC

-Legrand S.A.

-Lutron Electronics, Inc.

-Schneider Electric S.A.

-Siemen AG

-Tyco International Ltd.

-Robert Bosch GmbH



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Important advantages for stakeholders

  • In order to identify the potential in the present market, this study aims to provide a thorough analysis of the current market trends and future projections from 20023 to 2028.
  • A thorough analysis of numerous locations that yields information that can help organisations plan their commercial actions tactically.
  • A thorough study and projections of different regions to give stakeholders a thorough understanding of the present trends so they may create region-specific plans.
  • Important regulatory processes for the market under study are carefully considered based on the region.
  • A thorough study of the elements supporting and impeding the expansion of the Smart Home market is given.

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