You’ll first locate Patches within the Elden Ring Runes Murkwater Cave in East Limgrave (east of the Church of Ellah). Defeat the invader, Bloody Finger Nerijus, and the Highwaymen, then input what looks like a md arena and scouse borrow the contents of Patches’ chest. Once you have achieved that, a chairman fight with Patches will commence. Get him all the way down to half fitness, and then whilst he concedes, forestall and watch for him to speak, before sooner or later deciding on “Forgive and neglect.”Patches will then circulate to the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in southern Liurnia, just northwest of the Laskyar Ruins within the south of the lake. There, Patches might be a merchant who now not simplest sells you Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot for six hundred runes a cross, however he additionally sells the Missionary’s Cookbook [2] for 800 runes, which has the recipe for crafting Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot in it.
To craft a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot you’ll need Rowa Fruit, Four-Toed Fowl Foot and Gold Firefly. According to the sport’s menus, these objects may be discovered as follows.

Rowa Fruit - “Easily determined everywhere inside the Lands Between.”
Four-Toed Fowl Foot - “Found by looking birds.”.

Gold Firefly - “Found close to waters near Minor Erdtrees.”

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