If poetry is the music of the heart, then an essay is the music of thought. Unlike an essay addressed to any listener, an essay is closer to a cue addressed to a trained listener. That is, a person who already has an idea of ​​what we are talking about. In fact, such "targeting" allows the author of the essay to focus
disclosure of new content, rather than the accumulation of various official details of the presentation of the material in writing.

Tips for creating an essay:
• Any work should begin with the introduction in which it should be
It does not matter whether you are the author of an essay or an essay assistant, no one has the right to describe everything he knows about this topic, but only what will be a creative answer to the question in the subject. Essays are needed everywhere emphasize the connection between the facts and the thesis.
• The main part of the essay is designed to convince the reader.
To do this, the author of the essay must use strong arguments. First, it is necessary to set out the main ideas and facts that will confirm the examples of these ideas.
• The work must contain a voiced ending. It does not matter whether the end is a statement of something, the question of whether opinions are not complete enough. A good option to complete the essay is to use
aphorisms and quotes.

Essay style: aphoristic; imagery; paradoxically.
Essays are characterized by the use of numerous artistic means
expressiveness: symbols; metaphors; comparison; allegorical and parable images. If you find it difficult to choose the style of the essay or you have never written, https://bidforwriting.com/write-my-paper will help you, professional authors will help you choose a topic and more.
To convey the personal perception of the author of the essay you need:
use all sorts of associations; draw parallels; choose analogies.
The essay will be interesting if it includes:
unpredictable (paradoxical) conclusions; unexpected turns; interesting clutches.

The linguistic structure of an essay is a dynamic alternation of polemical expressions, questions, problems, the use of colloquial intonation and vocabulary.
Essay genre, you can afford to be subjective, focus on the partial rather than the main, to make conflicting arguments with a minimum of evidence and no right to make a mistake, but if you have already made a mistake do not worry, you can check it here https://bidforwriting.com/essay-checker .You can write about anything, but on the other hand, it can be dangerous - imaginary ease - write to yourself as you want, everything is in your hands.


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