Institute Of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies {IEMS} speaks about the challenges in the Indian markets and industries are ever increasing, B schools with their limited number of hands which are more occupied in polishing Entrepreneurship skills and completing curriculum now face a daunting task of manufacturing industry ready post graduates, who are well versed for the jobs and require less on job training.

Management curriculum by AICTE gives freedom to the B schools to tweak their academic course according to the industry demands. This practice in particular has reaped fruits, but still there is a long way to go.

The mandatory internship programme in the curriculum gives a basic know how to the students of how the industry works, but the interns being treated as just interns is another roadblock in their learning.

The text book teaching of course adds to that list of roadblocks. But the text book days are far gone now. The education in B schools has become more of case studies related rather than only textbook conceptual learnings.

The entrepreneurial seeds, guest lectures from the industry honchos, the conferences of the leadership groups of big corporates give a better idea to the upcoming managers about how the industry works.

In fact another innovative step added is the alumni sessions of recent pass outs, their stories and experiences and their personal mentoring to the students give better understanding to them about industry as there is no hesitation involved AS HELLO, ITS JUST YOUR SENIOR!

To sum it up, the steps taken by B schools like Institute Of Entrepreneurship And Management Studies {IEMS} are in the right direction, another addition could be analyzing what job roles are mostly offered in their campus and then hiring a recent industry person to give them basic know how, of how the role works. May be some B school might have adopted it or some may be in the process to do it. Surely the curriculum of B schools is now far from only the text book.

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