There are many D2R Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected that can improve the character's equipment. In addition to our common D2R Ladder Items For Sale and equipment, there are other auxiliary items and states that can also improve the character's comprehensive ability. What RPGStash wants to mention today is Charms that can provide attribute bonuses to characters.

Charms are completely divided into three types based on the space occupied by the backpack: Small Charms (1x1), Large Charms (1x2) and Grand Charms (1x3). The three D2R Items are "Annihilus" (the trigger condition for the remake is to sell the Jordan Stone), "Hellfire Torch" (challenge Super Six boss drop) and "Gheed's Fortune" (drop through monsters). The rest of the Blue quality charms can carry more than one.

Blue quality charms are magic items with up to two affix properties. Affix collocation is divided into prefix and suffix, which can be one prefix and one suffix, no prefix, and one suffix, or one prefix and no suffix. If you want to know which attribute combinations are worth keeping, you must first know which prefix and suffix attributes are valuable.

Prefix (max variable): +3 Max Damage, +20 Attack Rating, +36 Attack Rating, 17 Mana, (Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison) Element Resistance 11, All Resistances 5, 1 -71 Lightning Dmgage, 175 Poison Damage for 6 seconds

Suffix (max variable): 5% Fast Hit Recovery, 20 Hit Points, 7% MF, 1-28 Lightning Dmgage, 50 Poison Damage for 6 seconds

The above attributes are mainly divided into survival endurance (life, mana, resistance, quick hit recovery), physical output (maximum damage, attack hit rate), physical additional element damage (lightning damage, poison damage), and stacking MF gameplay.

Small charms with matching attributes have a very low probability of being directly dropped by monsters, and you can also reset the attributes with 3 perfect gems. However, it is difficult to reset valuable small charms without enough perfect gems and good luck.

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