Get a high-end playbook the first purchase in MyTeam. These playbooks take time to comprehend 2k22 mt, and knowing every play call early into the year will be essential. Also, unlike player cards, the playbooks do not have to be replaced with more advanced playbooks as time goes ahead.

A common mistake is that players tend to put their team's starters on the same page and then let their team slip on the remaining players. The truth is, it's better to have two or three skilled players than one star player. This is due to stamina.

The players who are great on the bench can use the stamina continuously, running continually taking rebounds, pushing players down in the post and more. That's right, the bench player will step in earlier however both players will be able to run around using maximum effort each and every minute.

Do not put any money into a card unless it figures to be a mainstay in the lineup for a period of time. If players are able to accumulate 10 cards that fit in the lineup, evaluate each of them simultaneously. This results in a quicker process and makes it so that the entire lineup produces MT while playing.

The drawback here is that the cards aren't able to be used when grading. But still do ten at once prior to leaving to work and then return to a machine for making currency. If the cards are being sorted buy nba 2k22 mt coins, play some single-player games while the process is finished, it's worth it.