What is the cost of proselyt? I'm not able to Cheap OSRS Gold continue buying degradable armour, therefore i wana know if its degrade too. And tyvvm for posting. Cheap and unalterable The only benefit is it has the best prayer bonus , but it's a poor defense I wouldn't recommend. In training, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer matter more as do Prosy in preference to Guthans Plate.

My prayers, if I use them constantly (just a protect pray) will wipe out my pray to 0 in 2 minutes or so. I flash my protection prayers (on the day before opp atks, off just after), and with 2 prayer pots, I can be well past the time it takes for me to complete my inv.

The bad part is, because of lag, this isn't always working from time time, and i get hit. If I don't have a good def, the few seconds of lag could mean the loss of my entire bankroll. If i decide to switch to a continuous prayer at the time i've gotten two or three kills. (blue drags) With the pros, id get a few extra seconds, and then i would not be able to continue the potting prayer because it's expensive as well... But ty anyways.

I would highly recommend those Fremminik quests. They're a lot of fun and come with a Neitiznot Helmet that is likely to be one of the top helmets that you can get in game. Also, as you've got budget of one million dollars, I'd suggest playing Barbarian Assault, so that you can get The Fighter Torso. It's not expensive as it provides great Strength bonuses and is pretty decent looking.

For your weapon , I would strongly suggest the whip or the Dragon Scimitar. Monkey Madness is needed for the Dragon Scimmy and it does take some time, but it's certainly worth it to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold train Strength. Whip however is excellent for attacking and defense.