To save money, you should not be relying solely on RS Gold herbs, since in reality, they're not very valuable anymore after the bots from Sorceress's Garden took over. If you've got the slayer in your inventory, you can go to Abberbant spectres, where you can find many herbs, as well as high-level herb seeds andcan fetch the equivalent of 500k per hour and isn't all over populated with bots.

The way I make money is old-fashioned, barring 2, which I don't think you'd enjoy. These two are: dices (and I'm talking about dice duels, NOT HOSTING, though) however, this is built on a 50% chance and there is a chance to be cleaned or earn money. (I have been cleaned twice, however, since I had little money that didn't really matter. I got to 10M, then got cleaned after which I was cleaned from 300K, got to 18M. And I'm stopping at this point after winning 8 multiple times. That's a 1/256 chance :( )

It's PK'ing (which I'm sure you'd hate) Also, iron dragons can be whipped very well, and it's easy. But the worst part is that you have to use fire blast. Next of all Duradel will assign really difficult tasks to those with 100+ CB and I'd recommend him only if you're over 115 CB (but should you be able to use Kuradel, DO IT).

Personally, I wouldn't really recommend getting Bandos in your CB (if you're still not 100plus yet!) I would suggest that you train your stats more before you attempt to do so. If you're forced to, Abberant spectres are pretty good, I guess.

I would like to join a corp and test out GwD, which levels do you suggest I get before trying? I intend to melee, as well as join with a group of Buy OSRS Fire Cape cb clan members who are 100+ co-players. Do you guys think i stand a chance with these lvls tho? I also need advise on what i should take as inventory, and how to equip.