Today, when the 5g network is about to be fully popularized, people's requirements for data transmission speed are getting higher and higher. In the past, the commonly used transmission methods such as U disk, bluetooth, data cable, etc. have been difficult to meet the needs of people today, and files with dozens of g need faster transmission tools. It is precisely because of this that the usb 3.0 3.5 hdd enclosure with cooling fan has achieved rapid development as soon as it was introduced to the market. Today, let's take a look at its application scenarios.

1. Interactive application

Now that we talk about the play scene, let’s talk about the application of the interactive scene. This type of hard disk box can be connected to a router to expand home storage, can be connected to a computer to solve data storage problems, can also be connected to a TV to turn into a private theater in seconds, and can be connected to PS4. Implement game storage. It can be used for multiple purposes under the scene change, which is really convenient.

Second, store data

It is used more daily to store laptop data. It can be compatible with computer system without driver plug and play very convenient. When connecting to a computer to transmit data, its cool LED blue light will always be on to monitor the working status. If it is a router, the red light will be on and the blue light will be on to indicate that it is running. Generally 10 minutes of no operation and no data transmission will enter the automatic sleep state. This can reduce the wear and tear of the hard disk and use it again to wake up the hard disk to work immediately.

Three, data transmission

The first thing to say is that it uses the sata3.0 main control chip to support the UASP protocol to reduce the CPU occupancy rate, reduce the data delay rate, and transmit data well and stably. The daily stable transfer of 1G files only takes 3 seconds to complete the transfer. Can support 4TB large capacity hard drive. The data transfer speed is fast, and it is very powerful to save documents. Never worry about running out of data storage again.

Now there are many usb 3.0 3.5 hdd enclosure with cooling fan‍ with a speed of more than 500MB/s. This speed is quite sufficient under the current computer configuration and network environment, but computer hardware and various electronic products are Updated at an unimaginable speed, the growing maturity of 5g networks has also brought a qualitative leap in network transmission speed. I believe that the speed of usb 3.0 3.5 hdd enclosure with cooling fan‍ will be improved a lot in the future.

usb 3.0 3.5 hdd enclosure with cooling fan