As in PvE, support classes are also very useful in PvP. In 3v3 arenas and other forms of group PvP content, Paladin is able to provide a variety of buffs and solid movement skills to the team. But if you are a novice, in 1v1 PvP, maybe this class is not the best. And those very good Paladin players can use their skills subtly to provide a very useful aid to their team alone in PvP battles. You just need to be at a distance to keep your team alive, provide deadly combos to your teammates, and also allow you to deal massive damage.

In PvP, Paladin's skills are basically the same as in PvE, but in order to gain push (knock-up) immunity, you should use Execution of Justice. At the same time you need a faster cooldown, which can provide better protection and deal good damage output.

Of course, as a Paladin, you need to be among your teammates at all times. If your team gets stuck, you can use Godsent Law or Holy Protection to keep them alive. While abilities like Charge and Godsent Law can work on enemies, Charge is a very good movement ability when you need to reposition faster. As a very powerful AOE, Wrath of God can provide a very good attack if you or your nearby allies are surrounded by an enemy. And Execution of Justice is the only skill you can provide that provides push immunity, you need to use it as a defense skill. In addition, the aftershock of its explosion will knock enemies into the air.

Overall, Paladin also has a huge effect on the team in PvP. So, in order to get the most out of your ability, you need to use Lost Ark Gold to upgrade your skills and levels. At, there is a huge amount of Lost Ark Gold for sale, if you have any needs you can go to them, they will send Lost Ark Gold to your account as quickly as possible. 

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