The development team made some substantial improvements to the game. In terms of traps, they've beefed up Trail of Fire which has a coordinated effect of splitting some deaths, an improvement that allows D2R players to put more spots elsewhere.

Another improvement is the fire skill tree without a separate cooldown, and while it's a B-tier build, it's definitely a good improvement. There are a lot of things like Rip Rachel's Rune and Dying Breath that open up synergy.

In terms of damage output, there may be a bit of gas added to this in the future. This is because Druids have been Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items improved in reducing summons. Reduced damage skill range buff to increase early level, Fissure Druid is a very powerful early level.

And for the morphing improvements, the game team identified some key changes and some cool stuff. This will help the spirit wolf adjust its own health and make the crow better. This allows you to cast Spear Wolf and Grizzly at the same time. Or cast Oak Sage and her Wolverine at the same time. You can summon at least two summons at the same time, and you can back them up with more damage and health. Being able to summon two sprites at the same time, and two bears and wolves at the same time, is a very big improvement.

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