In New World, Linen is one of the most important resources for crafting early game armor and some furniture. You can't get it from the wild, but it can be crafted by the player. Happily, though, the components that make this key fabric aren't hard to find at New World. But to craft it you need to do it on the Loom in the Refinery.

So where to find Looms?

Looms are a Tier 2 refining station and they will exist in various settlements on the map. Around them you will find the many rolls of various fabrics, and they have a unique structure consisting of threads stretched on a wooden frame, you can easily identify them by these features. Additionally, on the map, Looms will be represented by an icon, which is like a small house, with vertical lines representing the threads inside.

There are other things that can also be Buy New World Coins crafted on Looms, such as Sateen, Silk, and Infused Silk, but these require the player to have higher Weaving skills and rarer components.

So where can Fibers be found?

You can get them from Hemp plants that grow in the wild areas of the New World. Hemp plants generally grow in forests and grasslands. However, there will be more abundant resources in the grass, and it is also easier to find. Because they have bright red pink flowers and their height is much higher than the average grass.

You can harvest a lot of Fibers from a Hemp plant, and can craft many pieces of Linen. But as one harvests resources, it would make sense to grab a bunch. Even if these plants have been New World Coins harvested by other players, they will respawn very quickly, so you don't need to worry about not being able to harvest them on grasslands.

Although making Linen is very simple, not every player will be happy to do these things, they will choose to spend New World Coins to buy it directly in the market. There will be a lot of cheap New World Coins for sale in NewWorldCoins, if you are short of New World Coins and want to get a lot of Linen quickly, you can go and buy some New World Coins from them first.