In the major swimming update in July, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received a new super valuable item with gold nuggets on it. Pearls are now scattered on the seabed around your island. If you want to make a new "Mermaid" series, you need them: not at all in my style, but, as they say, you must grab everything. Maybe some items are missing so you can't quickly experience the latest changes. Buy Animal Crossing Bells at will help you improve efficiency.

They are also cheap, so even if you don't make mermaid furniture by hand, you might want them. The method of obtaining is as follows:

Keep diving: The easiest way to get pearls is also the easiest: to pat the wetsuit and go swimming. From the top, the appearance of the pearl is almost the same as that of other marine life: To find bubbles under the water, press the Y button. A small shadow will appear

Pearls are very rare, although not as rare as some marine life. I have spent more than an hour, just rowing boats nearby, looking for them, and then empty. So far, since the update was released, I believe I have found three pearls.

Replace scallops with Pascal: Unfortunately, I call this method less reliable than the standard method. However, by this point, you should know that the refrigerated otter Pascal (Pascal) likes scallops. When you find the first scallop of the day, he will pop up and ask if you can own it. If you give him, he will give you a mermaid DIY recipe or pearls.

So far, I haven't got any Pearls from Pascal, but it may be because he gave me all the recipes first. So far, I have a handy little list, I just need pearls to make them

If you want to grind these things, you can register an alternative account and trade two scallops on two characters, but this is the opposite of the entire operation we are doing here. Or you can Buy Animal Crossing Items at, we provide customers with very affordable prices, we are your best gaming partner.