There appears to be a (now) known problem with the Windows Store about installing drives other than the pso2 sales system drive. If you're willing to give it another try, I'd advocate using PSO2 Tweaker. That supports installing drives. Should you go this route, you will want to combine the PSO2 Discord server and read the instructions on doing this carefully, as it's a little wonky evading the Store Install path. I rebooted my pc and it's downloading in the MS Store again. I saw that the PSO2 Tweaker devs added support for NA link, so I will try it with the first download from the MS Store and see if Tweaker will upgrade it. I started the PSO2 Tweaker I just downloaded today and it's downloading and installing the NA version for me personally in my secondary drive. Neat!

What I need to know is how they are going to take care of accounts on different platforms (Steam)... am I going to need to start over or will I be able to associate my XB account I've been playing on PC with and continue on? If I will have to begin over and shed the money/time I have already spent I'm going to stop playing before the Steam version is available because I don't like how Microsoft handles accounts and the purchases. Not true, never really had a problem with running Halo MCC. Halo utilizes Phantasy Star Online 2 Bar, which will not bugger out. Gaming Services which PSO2 uses differs. Gaming Services is cancer and never functions + requires script which takes reboot to un/reinstall (I hate rebooting and shouldn't need to, as a linux lover ffs), Game Bar behaves itself.

Its, saying. I'm not saying we know for sure it WON'T happen but when you consider that: the NA version already has ratings. Phantasy Star games that are Previous always had NA and EU discuss servers. Simply making the NA variant that is recent a version seems more likely and potential.

The reasoning was most likely SEGA's need to have the ability to manage their own JP version without having to be concerned about the industry that is Western. The couple of times they talked about this they mentioned being able to deliver place exclusive upgrades after all... in PSO2's situation, they didnt need to be paying global rights to collab nor to consider whether collabs with certain companies like Dawson or some vague anime would be relevant to this Western players to justify the expense of global rights. The Japanese version is wanted by SEGA what would appeal to them and for its own thing targeted mainly at the market.

Any ideas if the"other PC platforms" will also crossplay? I understand Steam has had some MMOs that had servers while others older MMOs they had did not. PSO2 is a game which is based around cross platform much in precisely the same manner as FFXIV. A Steam release would probs nevertheless be cross platform as Steam is simply employed as a distribution platform for Phantasy Star Online 2 launcher and customer... and much like Halo and Sea of Thieves possess a Microsoft account login as thats the replacement for buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the SEGA ID system. Steam has. Unsure about Epic, Uplay or Origin though as if it's coming to any other"PC platforms", it will be these ones.