In the next generation version of NBA 2K21, players could change their MyPlayer Takeover upon creation because of Mamba Mentality badge 2K22 MT. Mamba Mentality badge. If this badge is unlocked allows the user to alter their Takeover following finishing all badge progress. This year, 2K users can change Takeovers after creation However, there's a different procedure this time. Let's review what you should know about changing Takeovers.

In order to change Takeovers, you'll need an Mamba Mentality benefit. To get this perk, you will need to go Chris Brickley's gym located in The City. This is how you can find it in the map: After you're there, talk to Chris who will let you know that he has a few members at the gym. who are waiting to play a 3-3 game.

It is necessary to beat this game, plus three games after for that Mamba Mentality perk. We should also note that you aren't successful in winning the four games in Brickley's gym all at once. After you've won the first one, migrate back over to MyCareer and play some games. Brickley will call you on your phone when he's ready and has more players waiting to face you, so check it after every game you play.

As stated by NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike "Beluba" Wang on Twitter The dev team has reportedly made these "pretty conservative" Badge tweaks in mind in order to keep the game's day one balance of gameplay as best they can. As long as further testing can reveal how significant the changes to balancing were in reality, this was more of a buff or increase in defense.

The game's early days, Mismatch Expert and Blinders were well-known for making it more likely for shots, often poor ones -- to get into Buy 2K MT. In a game , Wang explicitly stated prior to the game that the main point for this year's play was that players needed to make better shots to succeed on offense.