During the coronavirus blockade, one thing most of us lack at home is interpersonal communication. This is inevitable; We humans are naturally social, so it is difficult to maintain positive and mental health when we feel isolated from friends, family and the forms of entertainment we usually rely on (such as going to shopping malls, theatres, etc.). Input: Dogesflix. Dogesflix's historical films have detailed storylines. From cricket competitions to Royal romances to the shocking Second World War, the past is so full of wonderful stories that filmmakers have to learn from them - and some blockbusters about the past can be found on Dogesflix. Here are some entertaining and educational historical movies you can watch on Dogesflix.


Martin Scorsese directed an epic biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a star studded film about the glory and darkness of the eccentric aviation legend Howard Hughes. He leads a charming public life; Privately, however, he struggled with mental illness and tried to hide his difficulties from the public.

The last warrior

Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is a cynical American Civil War veteran. He was recruited by the emperor of Japan to teach his army the knowledge of modern war, but the task at hand is much harder than it seems. The captain tried to find a balance between the two forms of combat and two different traditional worlds.


The 1998 film was directed by shega Kapoor and Kate Blanchett played Queen Elizabeth Tudor in 1558. This excellent dramatic biography accurately describes the life of the great ruler, but it is not suitable for timid people. Britain was divided at that time, and her rule as Queen included everything from secret lovers to civil unrest. Can she bear the weight of the crown? Or will she collapse under the crown?


The crime thriller is based largely on the 1959 case of K. M. naravati v. Maharashtra state court. The film tells the story of a naval officer (akxie Kumar) who kills the lover of his wife (Elaine d'cruz), triggering a thrilling court lawsuit, and even more terrible secrets are hidden behind the scenes.

Good night and good luck

With the support of the production team, news anchor Edward R. Murrow (David strezern) vowed to report the atrocities committed by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the anti Communist action. Despite great pressure, Murrow and his team (George Clooney, Patricia Clarkson and Jeff Daniels) continued to show the truth to the public.


Based on Homer's Iliad, Troy in 2004 depicts the epic battle between the ancient kingdom of Troy and Sparta. Scarred battles and some exciting performances (Brad Pitt as akiles) make the story of love, greed and honor pleasant, although a little long.


Set during World War II, the play delves into the roots of prejudice in the southern United States and how two families of different ethnic backgrounds make a living working on the same farm. This exciting historical play is adapted from Hillary Jordan's novel of the same name and starring Kerry Mulligan, Garrett hurdrend, Jason Clark, Jason Mitchell, Jonathan banks and Mary J. Brigitte.

July 22nd

A boy who survived the terrorist attack on the Norwegian youth summer camp told the story. He united with Norwegian citizens to understand the situation and heal the wounds. The film tries to explain the massacre of a right-wing extremist in 2011. He condemns women, Islam and Marxism.

julie and julia

In this unconventional biographical film, the life of chef Julia childe (Meryl Streep) is intertwined with that of a modern woman (Amy Adams). She tries to cook every recipe in childe's 1961 classic and her most famous cookbook, mastering the art of French cooking. At the same time, as a woman, a cook, a TV celebrity, children struggle to be taken seriously.