I'll get the berserker's ring after that, as well as the prayer boosting armor. I'm only able to get the 15 percent attack bonus and RuneScape Gold the strength prayer though, not yet Piety or chivalry. Super potions are the reccomended option, isn't it? I'm looking to build the strength of my body, so I've been saying d scim, Korassi's, or SS (which I'm not currently able to get). I've got the RFD gloves but I'm still not nez. Is black mask ok until full slayer helm? I'll wear earmuffs as well as other head accessories instead in the meantime. Is the prossy hauberk superior to the fighter torso?

Does it matter if I avoid using pots or praying on things that are low levelled? Also, if I'm assigned a multi combat task do I have to use pots, prayer, and cannon? One of my friends said that I'd need to make 55 craft for the slayer's helm however, I could use points to understand how to construct it. Does this sound true? Could Verac's armor be excellent? It's got high defense stats, and a good prayer bonus. Also, cloaks give a prayer bonus of 3. What should I do if I want to swap one for my skillcape?

It's OK to miss out on the prayer , but it's not going to be as swift. Everyone's offering you tips on the fastestand most efficient beating... Cutting corners will all result in it becoming slower, especially on lower leveled stuff. It's your choice, but it's totally up to you. If you're drawn to desert lizards and/or something of the Turael variety, then , you'll be okay. But don't go to the same as him.

The use of full verac is going to add more repair cost. Not really worth it, as well as less prayer when compared to using the proselyte platebody. The black mask is okay. Infact, you SHOULD be wearing it unless have an undead task, where you'll need the salve amulet and whatever mask you'd like.

A final point is that you should make use of Cheap RS 2007 Gold a gun whenever it is possible. Even in single combat zones you can hide areas in order to ensure that the cannon has the ability to hit all the things in the room. Also I'm again going to recommend to use the Brackish Blade, unless the 500k is too high after all the other stuff.