New World's latest game patch, version 1.3.2, isn't as widespread as we've seen in the past. However, it does make some notable tweaks to New World's endgame segment that's sure to please a lot of New World Coins.

For the most part, this new update to New World has corrected lingering issues in the game involving mutant difficulty. Essentially, Amazon Game Studios has fixed this message that Mutator difficulty levels 1 to 5 now require Silver. Conversely, levels six to ten will require players to earn more New World Coins.

To accompany this endgame fix, this new patch from New World also addresses some lingering bugs found in the game. If you haven't played New World for yourself yet, you can currently do so by selecting the game on PC. Instead, if you'd like to find the full patch notes for this latest update in New World, you can find their full add-on below.

Fixed an issue that could cause players in PvP to enter an incorrectly adjusted movement speed state for extended periods of time. Fixed On Fire passive giving an escalating damage boost to critical hits. Fixed On Fire passive not triggering a guaranteed crit every three attacks. Fixed an issue where DoT damage would reset the Charged Passive's hit, preventing it from being continuously triggered.

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