It is not an exaggeration to state that Dubai could be the most affluent and extravagant holiday destination around the globe. It is a largely cultivated desert, this oil-rich state has produced some in morning safari dubai of the most beautiful architectures in the world today. If you thought that size was an American obsession look no further than Dubai. From the airport to tall hotels that tower over the massive shopping malls, every aspect of Dubai is huge and impressive.

Geographically, Dubai is situated in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula - a dry and rough land. It takes around six-seven hours to fly into Dubai from London and 12 hours to fly out to fly out of New York. There are numerous flights throughout the year.

Dubai is stunning in its sheer size. The things you can explore here is infinite. Take a night trip to The Dubai Emirates Mall with its 400-meter-long ski slope, or if have money, consider stay a few days at The Burj Dubai hotel. In the afternoon, explore Old Dubai with its forts and old markets. If you're looking for adventure, take a quad bike or a an SUV that has been refueled to traverse the Dubai Sand Dunes.

Duabi is an online paradise for shoppers. The size and scope of malls in this small state is staggering. Take a look at Dubai Mall Dubai Mall - the world's largest mall for a endless shopping spree. If you're looking to purchase high-end jewelry, fashion brands, or other unique luxury items This is the best spot to be.

Foodies are bound to fall in love with Dubai. The city is extremely cosmopolitan, Dubai is the home of Indians, Chinese, Germans, Americans, and people of every nation. Therefore, the food of Dubai offers something to all From Lebanese Kebabs and Indian curries, you'll surely find something that will please your taste buds here.