ISO 17025 Certification

ISO 17025 Certification for laboratories demonstrates the high-level performance of the Quality Management System. This certification establishes the truthfulness in generating valid results. This globally recognized certification is suitable for all the testing and calibration laboratories. Also, the ISO 17025 Certification reduces/eliminates wastes and the need for re-testing of the products.

About ISO 17025 Standard

ISO 17025 is a globally recognized standard for laboratory Quality Management System. It is one of the standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) that specifies requirements to establish, monitor, maintain, and continually improve the overall performance of the laboratories. This international standard provides effective measures to ensure the consistency in their services. Moreover, the ISO 17025 Standard enhances the performance of the laboratories and helps them to provide valid results in the tests and calibrations including sampling.

What is the importance of ISO 17025 Certification?

ISO 17025 Certification establishes that a laboratory has better control over its operational processes. This certification enhances the clients’ confidence in the laboratories’ testing and calibrations results. This enhances the reputation of the organization regardless of its size. Also, the ISO 17025 Certification helps to achieve new business opportunities even from overseas.

Procedure for ISO 17025 Certification

The procedure for ISO 17025 Certification includes the following:

  1. a) Establishing Documentation and Implementing ISO 17025 System

Documenting and Implementation: To achieve ISO 17025 certification, the laboratory needs to implement a systematic Quality Management System. The system should be well documented and implemented in accordance with the requirements of this standard.

Implementing Training Program: The employees need to receive training on the relevant sections of the Standard including sampling plan, analytical method validation, reference material usage, etc

Internal Audit for Document Review: ISO 17025 requires document review for QMS certification. This process includes reviewing of documents necessary to confirm whether your organization’s QMS is appropriate or not, and it meets the requirements of ISO 17025 standard.

  1. b) Preliminary Audit

ISO 17025 requires a preliminary internal audit of the laboratory’s Quality Management System before the final assessment. This ensures that, during final assessment, no non-conformity against this standard will be identified from your QMS. So, it is better to hold the preliminary audit before the final assessment.

  1. b) Conduct External Assessment

After passing the preliminary stage, an independent body conducts an external assessment of your Quality Management System. The aim of the assessment is to determine whether your organization’s management system meets ISO 17025 requirements or not.

  1. c) Conduct Internal Assessment 2-3 Years after Certification

ISO 17025 is valid for three years, and it requires an internal assessment two or three years after certification. The aim of this assessment is to determine the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and make any necessary improvements.