Many League of Legends players yearn to achieve high elo status and are tempted to purchase boosted accounts in hopes of bypassing the grind. However, a recent incident involving a fraudulent player serves as a stark reminder of why buying boosted accounts is not the path to success in the game.

The Illusion of Success

The League of Legends community recently exposed a player who claimed remarkable achievements but was soon revealed to possess a boosted account. This incident sheds light on the pitfalls of purchasing LoL Accounts and the futility of trying to deceive the community.

The Market for Boosted Accounts

The online market offers a variety of accounts for sale, ranging from low-level smurf accounts to high elo ones. While some players buy level-30 accounts for their alternate gaming purposes at affordable prices, others invest significantly more to acquire high elo accounts to impress their friends.

The Unfortunate Loss Streak

One player's abysmal win-loss record garnered attention when they achieved a meager 10% win rate in solo queue. Suspicion arose, leading the community to investigate the account further. Initially placed at 1,000 LP in Challenger, the player's continuous loss streak resulted in a swift demotion to Platinum. The impact on their MMR further led to matching with Silver players despite their displayed rank.

Exposing the Main Account

The revelation of the player's main account, documented in a video by YouTuber Rival, exposed their true skill level—an Iron IV rank. This highlights the reality that players occupy specific ranks for valid reasons. Reclaiming their previous Challenger standing seems improbable, given their current dismal performance.

The Costly Lesson

While acquiring smurf accounts for minimal costs is common, aiming for Challenger rank without putting in the necessary effort requires a substantial financial investment. Some high elo accounts can demand prices reaching thousands of dollars. The individual in question likely spent a considerable sum on the boosted account, only to plummet to lower ranks.

Implications and Lessons Learned

The incident raises questions regarding potential punishment from Riot Games for the player's deceptive actions. However, the loss of funds and credibility may serve as sufficient consequences. High elo players are also burdened with the task of carrying individuals who purchase boosted accounts.


The exposed player's misfortune serves as a cautionary tale against Buy LoL Accounts. It underscores the futility of seeking shortcuts and reinforces the idea that true skill and rank are earned through dedication and effort. The incident reminds players to appreciate the competitive nature of the game and the value of personal growth within the ranked system.