There's nothing to be different when it comes to Lost Ark Gold choosing the server you'll play on. Ark doesn't offer dedicated PvE or PvP dedicated servers such as WoW Classic, for example--but with the restrictions on character creation being toggled on and off in order to speed up queues for servers it's important to read this guide before getting started.

Amazon Games recently announced that they are adding a new European zone of servers to solve capacity issues, although they didn't make any information on the date this new region will open.Frankly I'm feeling awkward writing a review that reads "14-year-old rendering technology is more effective than 20 years-old rendering technology" however Lost Ark - 2022's biggest surprise to date it has only recently come around to the benefits of DirectX 11. 

It's the default rendering option in the western version that debuted last week the original South Korean version went years with just DirectX 9 to its name and the press release which I use for testing performance (and Ed is using for his review-in progress) is restricted to DX9.

Despite the fact that as I've seen from my testing the release version as well, DX11 provides a tidy performance improvement over its predecessor. DX11 does not change the Lost Ark look better in any other way or in any other way, but a framerate increase is a frame rate increase. Back on the DX9-only review build, I paired my test machine with a basic GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and running the Very High preset at 1080p recorded 73fps as an average, but on the public DX11 version this jumped to 87fps. That's an extra 19% FPS. And it's all free.

After switching to my preferred options of Very High with Indirect Shadows, Distortion Effect and Motion Blur all turned off, Lost Ark could also run at 114fps on DX11. The same settings as DX9 produced 95fps therefore, DX11 is a straight upgrade that buy Lost Ark Items has no disadvantages.