Batman’s Greatest Fear, According To Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson reveals what his Caped Crusader's greatest fear is in The Batman. The actor continues to do press for the film as its upcoming release date nears. While it could still be delayed depending on the coronavirus pandemic status, marketing for The Batman is ramping up with director Matt Reeves optimistic that it will stick to its current premiere schedule.

Over the last couple of weeks, Warner Bros. has consistently rolled out promotional materials for The Batman Movie News  TV spots, posters, and tie-in merchandise. To maintain the hype for The Batman leading to its rollout, its primary cast has also started doing press activities. Understandably, they can't talk about spoiler-specific details about the blockbuster aside from what's already been revealed, including The Riddler (Paul Dano) being the narrative's main villain. In terms of the titular hero, The Batman follows him in his second year as the Bat of Gotham. Now, Pattinson shares more about his character's psyche.

Since Bruce Wayne is fairly new to his role as a vigilante, it makes total sense that he's afraid that he will get exposed, especially since he has yet to establish himself in Gotham. Aside from being the Batman, the character also tends to roam around the city in his other persona as a drifter. This allows him to get into certain places without being recognized as one of the wealthiest men in the metropolitan. This also makes pitting him against The Riddler so much more interesting, especially since the villain is aware of the Caped Crusader's secret. In fact, he seems to know more about him, particularly his family's ties to the corruption in Gotham as hinted in trailers and TV spots.

Marvel Studios and Sony recently tackled the complications of secret superhero identities after Spider-Man's real persona was exposed in Spider-Man: Far From Home while its ramifications were properly tackled in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It's safe to assume, however, that Bruce's secret identity won't be revealed in The Batman since the film essentially functions as the character's origin story. But it's curious how The Riddler found out about the Caped Crusader's real persona in the first place.