To modify your mouse settings In Lost Ark Gold, the first step you'll need to take is access your game's in-game options by hitting the Escape key. Then, you'll be able to see an array of dropdown menus accessible. Select the menu titled "Hotkeys" to open your controls and button-mapping options.

When you're in the "Hotkeys" menu scroll downwards to locate the section named "Basic Controls." When you look at the top, you'll see two red boxes that have an icon for your mouse within them. In addition, you'll notice the lock icon beside these boxes, which indicates that they aren't able to be modified.

Although your mouse controls are inherently locked, don't worryabout it, you'll be allowed to examine your settings more and will see an option for "Attack with Right-click" only a few rows down. It is possible to toggle this box either on or off depending on which button is more comfortable to use.

If the "Attack with right-click" option is turned on it will allow you to be able to move, interact and grab items using your left-click. If it's off that means you'll be using left-click to attack , and right-click to do everything else.

After attracting more than 500,000 concurrent users yesterday for Lost Ark Items for sale the launch of head start, Lost Ark (our review here) now has two brand new servers that will help increase the capacity.