Blizzard developer Brian Birmingham spent time with veteran player Venruki during the Arena Tournament in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic to discuss Season 3's new PVP content and other topics, and the following article will summarize some of the exciting content.

Last July, WOW's lead producer spent WOW TBC Gold time with popular streamer and PVP veteran Venruki during the Arena Tournament for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic to talk about the TBC Classic's PVP and Phase 2 content. Obviously, this seems to be a tradition that can continue.

During the past February 18-21, 2022, an arena tournament restarted in Outland was successfully held. Brian Birmingham and Venruki had some conversations about this game.

Brian Birmingham has been part of the classic team from the start, and Blizzard is looking both internally and externally for developers willing to take on the project. Brian was working on Hearthstone at the time, and returning to World of Warcraft seemed like a dream to him.

Brian said he still clearly remembers the discussions and research surrounding the tornado in Nagrand Arena, although it was quickly removed in 2007. However, every player at the time Buy TBC Classic Gold remembered the existence of these tornadoes. It's also why the developers were keen to bring these tornadoes back throughout the first season, as they were a big part of many players' memories in TBC.

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