Extra support for more simultaneous users

Multi-user support is another big advantage of good router for gaming. Whether you spend most of your time gaming, streaming, or working online, the advantages of a device designed for multiple users are unmistakable.

First and foremost, you’ll enjoy superior baseline performance for all users on your network. That also means support for more and different devices. You can connect and enjoy phones, smart tech, and accessories without worrying about compatibility or severely reduced speed.

Our pick: The TP-Link AC1750 good router for gaming is an affordable model with support for more than 50 networked devices. It also features many of the QoS and manageability features highlighted in this guide. It may be less powerful than its cousin, the TP-Link AC5400, but it’s also more affordable.

 Improved WiFi range for users

Superior hardware translates to improved good router for gaming, and there are a lot of good router for gaming that improve accessibility throughout the home.

Unfortunately, some devices don’t offer a specific range estimate. Most options are adequate for homes up to 1,000 square feet, but you may need more tech to cover bigger or unconventional layouts. Some of the options we’ve linked to in this guide will cover your needs, though.

Superior components and hardware performance

Most good router for gaming feature superior construction and design quality compared to their traditional counterparts. With better processors and built-in memory, you’ll see much better performance and more responsive operation. Tri-band is a particularly great feature that allows simultaneous transmission across three channels

When it comes to design, however, you may be wondering why your gaming router has so many extra antennae. What do they do? The extra antennae on a gaming router help to increase the effective range and efficiency of the device. Each antenna receives a slightly different signal because of its location, and the array configuration has other benefits. For example, it allows your router to manage multiple devices more efficiently or improve signal to a particular device.

Better ambient security features

Most good router for gaming have some form of built-in security, but gaming routers take the cake for absolute security and peace of mind. From greater connection protocols to integrated anti-virus software, all of the devices we’ve mentioned feature stronger protection against malware and intrusion compared to a good router for gaming. Most provide multi-year coverage that you can modify or renew, too, and some even come with complete protection for the life of the device.