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Determining the prices depends on the quality of the furniture and how it is stored and whether the customer requires packaging or not. Each type of furniture has a different packaging method. For example, the wood that is 3 DM is lined before the packaging process because there is a layer of paper that is thermally affixed to it and appears as a coating and when any is placed Adhesives on it when loosened will remove the paper or paint layer directly and also pricing is based on: ارخص شركة نقل عفش بالرياض
• The distance between the house and the store in which the furniture is placed, or the new house.
• Furniture shall be weighed and pricing shall be based on it in case of shipment.
• The space used by furniture is the basis for setting prices inside the warehouses.
• Of course, the customer gets discounts when he is constantly requesting the service and also when the company announces discounts.
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