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Understanding Criminal Law Cases

Whether you wish to negotiate a favorable plea deal or would rather mount a strategic and aggressive defense, our attorneys are able to offer the legal assistance you need to gain the upper hand throughout your proceedings. We practice in both federal and state court, and handle issues ranging from petty misdemeanor traffic violations to felony charges carrying sentences of more than 360 months. We have dedicated our careers to protecting the rights of people charged with crimes. Your guilt or innocence has no impact on how aggressively we will fight for you. We have obtained not guilty verdicts in cases ranging from DWI to 1st Degree Murder. We have even made new law at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.


With extensive knowledge gained from representing hundreds of clients throughout Minnesota, we are able to provide the frank and informative advice you need to make the strongest decisions possible for your defense and your future. Whether taking your case to trial, fighting constitutional issues at pretrial, appealing improper trial court decisions, or negotiating the best possible plea, Cadem Law Group is committed to leaving no stone left unturned in your defense.

Free advice is a rare thing in the law, but here is some: Do not speak to the police. Ever. The police are there to gather evidence and get convictions. They are humans, and humans make mistakes, misunderstand, and misinterpret just like regular people. Simply changing a question mark into a period in a police report is all that it takes to put you in prison for the rest of your life. For example:

1. “I killed my wife? I am not crazy!”

2. “I killed my wife. I am not crazy!”

In statement 1, you asked a question out of surprise, and exclaimed that you were not crazy enough to do that. In statement 2, you admitted to killing your wife and also stated you weren’t crazy when you did it. All that changed was the officer’s interpretation of whether you asked a question or made an assertion. With the swipe of a pen (or a typo) you could be looking at life in prison.


Domestic Assault Crimes

Domestic assault crimes, although often just misdemeanors, can affect your life in more ways than most felonies. These crimes oftentimes mushroom into orders for protection, divorces and messy custody disputes. Just being charged with domestic assault can result in you being excluded from your own home indefinitely and prevented from having contact with your spouse and children. If you work in a facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, you will likely also lose your job—and all of that happens before you even have a trial. If you are convicted, you will also lose your right to own or possess a firearm for life.

Having represented hundreds of Minnesotans charged with domestic related crimes, we have the skill, passion, and experience necessary to effectively fight for your rights and to return your life to normal.


Drug Crimes

Drug charges stemming from possession, sale, trafficking, and manufacturing are complex and often come with serious consequences. A conviction for a drug crime can result in a lifetime ban on owning or possessing a firearm; prevent you from working at a facility licensed by the
Minnesota Department of Human Services; or prevent you from obtaining a federal student loan. With the many penalties and lasting consequences stemming from a conviction, you need an experienced lawyer passionate about defending against these charges. Hiring a lawyer who understands how to help you mount an aggressive defense can significantly improve your chances of having the charges dismissed or reduce the penalties of a conviction.

At Cadem Law Group, we are passionate about aggressively defending our clients’ rights. We will leave no stone unturned while defending you against drug charges and protecting your rights during the process.


DUI/DWI Crimes

Drunk driving convictions can have an immediate and lasting impact on your daily routine, eventually costing you great expense and inconveniencing your friends and relatives. A DWI conviction can lead to a license suspension, hefty fines, and jail time-penalties that may be avoided with the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer.

At Cadem Law Group, we are dedicated to aggressively defending our clients’ rights. From the moment you are arrested and throughout your proceedings, our staff stands by your side to offer the aggressive no-nonsense defense you need to protect your rights throughout your case.

It is not uncommon for criminal defendants to feel like their case is hopeless. However, most people do not know the law well enough to know when, for instance, there are constitutional issues that may require a dismissal of the charge(s). As your attorney, we will carefully examine the events leading to your traffic stop and the arresting officer’s actions during the stop, and any test administered. We will determine, among other things:


• Whether the implied consent advisory was properly administered.

• Whether you were lawfully placed under arrest or subject to a proper traffic stop.

• Whether you were given a proper opportunity to consult with an attorney before taking any blood alcohol test.

• Whether the blood alcohol test was administered in accordance with the rules and procedures; and

• Whether the charging documents are complete and proper.

Sometimes even the smallest mistake can provide leverage to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

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