I have found that RS Gold this gives me very high xp per hour, probably faster than slayer. Best of all there are no bots! Does salve have a quest req? Piety is 12mil away... and the best option for me is Chiv. My total cash stash is currently 11m and it's never in my account (always stored in ge and multiplying) and the 12mil is within items.

Fury has a 2-plus str to glory, which made me lol... I do not really need the extra def, since I have more than 300+ in my current gear. Sry did not calculate the drain properly. Alrdy have a mighty team in Bandos... (im the most cb-less player but it's lootshare and Im good.)

I'm thinking you'll need to haunt mine for the salve amulet. However, it's worth it, it's an easy and isn't that long. It gives you the typical salve amulet, giving 15% to attack and strength against undead. You then take it to Tarns lair and change it to the salve amulet (e) which grants 20% to attack and strength.

I'd advise getting piety whenever you can. You can buy dragon bones really cheap right now as well as the cost of infernal ashes. They're typically a bit less expensive. If you want to keep bones of dragons you find using urns to complete demon-related tasks, and spending penguin point along with effigy lamps and Troll invasion rewards in prayer could help to level up a some.

What should I do? Every time I fail to OSRS Power Leveling complete any floors. What is the correct way to do this? Do I have to do the lowest floor for every class? Do I rush or all rooms? Do I earn xp if I simply enter the dead end, or do I need to take out every single thing? Do I need to train or dung? I level my att every 3 dungs right now. (32 att)