In New World, an NPC named Gladis Bond will provide the player with the Unsolved Mysteries quest which will contain two main quests. To complete both quests players will need to search for clues, then visit Clearwater Bend and Campbell's Rest before they're all done talking together.

In order to help those New World players who cannot find clues in any of these locations, here is a guide for them, and today I will introduce you to the method of finding clues in the first mission, investigating Clearwater Bend, looking for clues to the fate of New World Coins the residents.

First, you need to go to Clearwater Bend, which is located in the Millberry Hills, north of Northfork, then you can find clues on a crate in front of one of the houses. In fact, the clue the player was looking for was a glowing piece of paper, and when the player got close to the piece of paper, they could find the words "Retreating to Safety" written on it. Once the player has successfully found the clue, the input will be displayed on the screen, and the player will successfully complete the first quest step after reading this.

In fact, it is not difficult for players to complete the first step, and the clues are not very difficult to find. It only needs enough careful observation, but after the first quest is completed, the second quest can be completed. .

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